This photograph is NOT photoshopped. Actual location is 1105 South Highline Drive Idaho Falls.
   Energy Integrity Project
Idaho-Specific Information 
"Getting  the Wind to Market: Key to Success"

A Ridgeline Energy (parent company is French company,Veolia)  presentation given on 9/20/2010 to the Idaho Wind Working Group.  This presentation nicely links up the need for transmission to wind energy -- something that is NOT being publicly done. 

And please take notice of Rayhill's words:

"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" page 16

"Watch the money roll In" page 26

PacifiCorp (dba Rocky Mountain Power)

Latest rate case - final order 

"13. The portion of the Populus to Terminal transmission line determined by the Commission in Case No. PAC-E-10-07 to be plant held for future use (PHFU) is now used and useful. The Parties agree that the Commission should make a specific finding that the entire Populus to Terminal transmission line is now used and useful. The portion of the transmission line deemed PHFU in Case No. PAC-E-10-07 shall not be included in rates until on or after January 1, 2014.   As called for in the Stipulation, Staff and the Company have filed a Joint Motion to Suspend the Appeal now pending in the Idaho Supreme Court, Docket No. 3 8930-2011. Upon receipt of a final Order from the Commission approving the Stipulation, the Company agrees that it will, within 10 days thereof, file a stipulation for dismissal of the appeal with each party to bear its own costs."

14. The Parties agree that the Company will continue to defer the depreciation expense associated with the Populus to Terminal transmission line, pursuant to Order No. 32224, until it is included in rates on January 1, 2014, and that the accumulated deferral balance will be amortized over three years from the date the costs are included in rates."

This Energy Gateway segment IS built.  Ratepayers BEWARE.  We will be paying for this segment of transmission "on or after January 1, 2014."

Energy Gateway Transmission System-- includes a map and description of each segment

2011 Integrated Resource Plan

2009 Integrated Resource Plan

2007 Integrated Resource Plan

2004 Integrated Resource Plan 
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2011 Integrated Resource Plan

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